i believe in that special moment when you look inside
a woman’s soul and find her place of purity,
authenticity and reality, all together.
In that place, a woman always shines from within.
Makeup has the ability to bring that place out to life.
It creates confidence in passion for life.



Fashion makeup productions all over the world.
Working in fashion production requires teamwork skills. Working along side with producers, photographers, dressers and variety of models.
Fashion make-up is complicated since every color and every layer of different products creates a different look.



Makeup courses for professionals makeup artists.
The courses are applied mainly to bridle and fashion makeup and will focus on new techniques and working methods required to achieve the perfect look.
The courses includes lectures and discussions on issues regarding the makeup world and other fields related to it.


Make-up instruction

Magazine makeup instructs.
Writing a 'how to' section in variety of magazines. The instructions accompanied by illustrative photographs.



Adva Elmakias has been working as a bridle makeup artist over a decade.
Bridle makeup requires a high level of makeup skills and knowledge. The brides makeup must be a perfect match for her personality and looks, as well as it must maintain a fresh look that will hold for many hours.
The makeup process starts with the bride's wishes regarding the colors and her looks. But quite a few brides leave these decisions for Adva and they all have just good things to say....